A FULL HEADSHOT session (3 hours) with me includes: 

(for details on a 1 Hour FACE TO MARKET HEADSHOT SESSION click HERE)


A pre-photo shoot consultation meeting, after deposit is received, if desired. We can chat on the phone, meet for a coffee or have a Skype/Facetime video call.


  • HAIR: Have your hair ready as if you are going on audition. We want the hair to match the way you look in person and to be something you can re-create on your own. It’s a very personal thing, so feel free to bring your styling products and tools to create the look you want. If you need a haircut, we recommend you do it at least one week prior to your photo shoot. 

  • CLOTHING CHOICES: You should be thinking about how you want to market yourself. Bring a strong assortment of looks. Give range by bringing different looks that suit your personality: sweet, sexy, business, theatrical, commercial, athletic, close-up, comedic, etc. Please have a look at my character thoughts and guidance section - this will help.

I'll go through your wardrobe with you before we start shooting to ensure we get the best looks (and in the right order). Bring at least 5 or more different tops. If you are stuck, see what others are wearing for inspiration. If you are unsure, just bring it along. We can always help you put together the best looks. We usually have time to shoot 4-6 clothing changes, within which we can explore different characters, giving you even more diversity.  Rule of thumb - bring more than you need! You'll often find that some things don't work on camera quite as well as they do in real life (and vice-versa).


A personalized and collaborative full service photo shoot in my studio with a variety of lighting set-ups (natural (if available) & studio light).  I will review the images with you throughout your session and help choose the best ones for your online proof gallery (see below).


  • Ladies - please allow 3 to 4 hours for your session (1 hour of which will be hair & make-up)

  • Gentlemen - please allow 2 to 3 hours for your session

It's best not to schedule a pressing engagement directly after your shoot - timings vary and the last thing we want is you running out of the studio late and flustered!


A make up artist is required for women ($150). We start with natural make-up and give you a clean look and then add make-up as we go, if desired. The make-up artist stays for the entire session in order to give you a subtle range of looks. Please come with no make-up and a moisturized face. Hair should be audition ready - we'll change it as we progress.

Our groomer is also required for men ($100). If you want to market yourself with scruff you can come in with some growth and we’ll shoot that look before moving to a shaved look. Be sure to remember your razor!


Your online proof gallery will be available within 48 hours of your shoot to share with agents, friends and mentors who will be able to help you choose your best shots. Your low resolution proofs will remain online for a couple of months until choices are made (see sample below) and will be archived indefinitely thereafter - so we can always reinstate your gallery if you decide to revisit it at a later date.

 Your proof gallery

Your proof gallery



Once you've had a chance to make your final choice(s), your image(s) will be retouched by Reproductions or COLORWORKS


You will receive both high resolution (for print) and low resolution (for web) digital files for all your chosen/retouched images. We release only retouched images for quality control purposes. As noted above, the remaining proofs/digital files will be archived online indefinitely - so you can always have access and can choose additional favorites at a later date.

If you choose to have your headshot printed you will be taken care of under the same retouching roof - with EITHER REPRODUCTIONS or COLORWORKS