Full Session Headshot

 Catherine Frels

Catherine Frels

Catherine Frels - a full session

A full headshot session is $799

For a full breakdown of what a full session includes click HERE

Hair/make-up/grooming is required. It is an additional cost of $150 for ladies and $100 for gentlemen.

Each session is approximately 3 hours long.

A full session allows more time in front of the camera; for you to feel more comfortable and explore. You'll be able to do about a number of different looks and character work which allows for changes in hair and make-up and different lighting. There is also the opportunity of doing something more editorial for your website, if there's time.


Please note:  Retouching and 8"x10" prints are additional costs

A $250 retainer is required to secure any session. This is paid at the time of booking via my online booking program. I do this to ensure that I have a firm commitment from you*.

 James Miller

James Miller

James Miller - a full session

After your retainer is received I'm happy to meet with you for a coffee or we can have a telephone call/skype video call to go over your questions and to figure out what we're going to do at your session.

* I believe in mutual respect and ask that you commit to your appointment. If a change is needed, I require 48 hours notice. Last minute (i.e. under 48 hours) is considered a cancellation and your deposit is forfeit. With proper notice we can reschedule your session and require you keep that appointment.

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