Make-up/grooming is REQUIRED for men & women at all my headshot sessions.

I work with three wonderful artists that have specific skills all perfect for your headshots.

For consistency I only work with artists that I have worked with before.



Full Session: $175
face-to-market Session: $125

A make up artist is required for women.

For both Full and face-to-market sessions we start with natural make-up and give you a clean look. For Full sessions we'll then adapt and add make-up as we go, if desired, for a range of looks. The make-up artist stays for the entire session.

For both Full and face-to-market sessions please come with no make-up and a moisturized face. Hair should be audition ready (i.e. how you're go to an audition) - we'll use that as the base and change it as we progress (Full Session).

the make-up artist is to be paid in CASH @ the time of the shoot

Grooming (men):
Full Session: $125
face-to-market Session: $100

A groomer is also required for men.

Grooming for men is necessary - it won't look like you're wearing make-up, but it'll take away shine, cover various blemishes and darkness (under eye) and have you looking your best. Washing your face will NOT do!

If you want to market yourself with scruff or a beard you can come in with some growth and we’ll shoot that look before moving to a shaved look. Be sure to remember your razor and moisturizer!


Please note - the groomer is to be paid in CASH @ the time of the shoot