You can photoshop that right?!?


Retouching is SUCH a hot topic!  People are very divided over this and I'd like to make some of my thoughts clear on it. 

ALL the pictures that leave my studio are retouched. 

That's it. I don't let images go that are not retouched. 

There are very good reasons for that - color balance, blemish removal, background lightening ... the list goes on.  Whether it's a celebrity image, a fashion editorial, a corporate portrait or a headshot. Every image that leaves my studio will be polished in some way.  A BIT. You don't have to remove every pore or wrinkle ... it's about optimizing... I like to call it a 'buff & polish' ...

When we shoot, I'll give you low resolution proofs for viewing of the shoot straight out of the camera 'au natural' but any images that are to be used will need to receive a small polish.

All that being said - when we shoot your head shot session and you choose your final images we will not be making you look like Barbie or Ken.  As an actor you need your headshot to reflect you on YOUR BEST DAY. We should be so lucky to get that in real life! ;) 

All my images are retouched by Colorworks.

I'm going to show you what I mean. Below is a before and after of the wonderful Ellen Zolezzi. 

Click on each image to see them full size to review:

Ellen Zolezzi - before and after retouching by Colorworks

Francis Hills