Here's what I do. It's quite simple: 

Holly Stanford - before and after

Holly Stanford - before and after

I take time to collaborate with you as an actor.

Come shoot with me!

OK, so what's it all about? Here's everything you need to know about your photoshoot:

What to expect from a session
Step-by-step basics of a headshot photo session with me - including timing, clothing choices, web galleries e.t.c

Let's get you into character
You know what?
I want you to ACT UP in our photo session!

You can photoshop that, right?!?
Let's talk about the reality of retouching and how important it is to keep things real!

What kinds of lighting?
An explanation of the lighting styles I use (it doesn't involve braving the elements!)

The big question, how much does it all cost?

A personalized and collaborative full service photo shoot in my studio with a variety of lighting set-ups (natural (if available) & studio light). $799 + H&M

All the goodness of a full session, just in a bite-sized, budget friendly package! 
$399 + H&M

I work with three wonderful artists that have specific skills all perfect for your headshots. $150 for women and $100 for men.

Retouching is required on all images that are chosen from our headshot session. $45 per image by Colorworks.

Clients with nice things to say. Thank you.

A few of the faces that I've shot...

Insta-Fun at the studio!