Pamela B. Mitchell

Pamela B. Mitchell

"Francis truly is responsible for not only creating fantastic headshots for me, but for helping me fine tune my branding, the image I present (and want to present), and strongly helped to ‘find the role’ that I am seeking in each shot."

– Pamela B. Mitchell, Actress

Raphael Bollea

Raphael Bollea

"Everyone is loving them. My agents can’t choose lol!

Thanks for the amazing shoot. You nailed it. 

Best headshots I ever had. They are real."

– Raphael Bollea, Actor

Selena Nelson

Selena Nelson

"Francis and his superlative team will unequivocally capture your true essence and spirit (without pretense) in a totally cool, relaxed atmosphere."

– Selena Nelson, Actress

What's it all about? How does it work?

Get the skinny on the what's, the why's and the wherefore's of a photoshoot with me:

Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos

The nuts & bolts


Let's get you into character!


See what lighting I offer


Let's talk photoshop limits!

Gretchen Egolf

Gretchen Egolf

Got a show or character type in mind that you
or your agent think you'd be perfect for?


Because I want to work with you on creating a number of looks during your session!

I want to give you ammunition to help you with your castings.



Giuliana Carullo

Giuliana Carullo

I realize the whole process of finding the right photographer is overwhelming; So, if after you've read through the website you have some questions unanswered or you'd like to get a better feel of what happens at a shoot with me then I'm happy to phone, Facetime or Skype with you.*

 * Important - so we're clear - I want to talk about what I can do for you - NOT critique or criticize your previous photographer - OK?!

Click here to set up a Skype/Phone call!

Click here to set up a Skype/Phone call!


Boston Character Work: Michael Boothroyd

From they guy next door to creepy psychopath - Michael Boothroyd creates some memorable headshots

"Hey World - This is me!": Christopher Michaels

How Christopher Michaels' courage to get in front of the camera paid off.

Total Transformation: Holly Stanford

It's rare that I get to totally transform someone. But Holly Stanford was one of them. The result speaks volumes!

Montclair State University

At the end of last year I had the pleasure of giving a talk to the final year drama students of Montclair State University on how to get the most from a headshot session.

Simply refined: Gretchen Egolf

Gretchen came in to update her headshots - nothing complicated - simple, easy, elegant and refined. Beautiful.

Looking beyond the obvious: Jasson Finney

"I want people to look beyond the obvious", said Jasson Finney.  Jasson Finney is a big guy. I mean BIG.

Shoot with a young leading man: Michael Glover

A fellow Brit, Michael Glover made a trip over to New York and came in for a session.